Intruder Alarm Systems

At KJB Security, we understand the vital importance of keeping your property and possessions safe and secure, which is why we have created intruder alarm systems. These are excellent quality security measures that are unbeaten in design and efficiency, using the highest technology to get maximum results.

How Can I Protect My Home Whilst It Is Unoccupied?

All our alarms are linked via telephone to our alarm monitoring centres. From here, we can monitor all our alarms across the country 24/7, all year round, meaning we are ready for any disturbances that should occur in your home. So whether you are on holiday or just at work on a day to day basis, we can ensure ultimate home safety for you.

What If It’s A False Alarm?

Our teams at KJB Security Monitor Centres are fully trained to work quickly and efficiently, as they are well aware that the safety of your home depends on them. However, we have a thorough, successful process to filter out any false alarms, meaning any unnecessary hassle will not take place. So to find out more, contact our team today on 01772 727187.